We take pride in making great musical experiences happen. Read what our customers have said after renting an instrument from Marimba Rental.

“My son has LOVED having the marimba and has skyrocketed with his level of playing since we got it. Should have rented one a long time ago!”
– Marsha

“Just wanted to let you know I had my recital last week and it went great! Having the marimba to play on daily helped in ways that I never could have imagined.”
– Collin

“My Son LOVES it! He’s so happy – thank you for being in business! I had no idea that one could rent these and you have made me mom of the year (for a little while anyway)!”
– Buffi

“This marimba rental thing you guys got going is FANTASTIC!!! I refer most of my students to you guys!!!”
– Adam

“Thank you so much! This has been one of the most delightful experiences for me with my son and I do believe he will miss the music so much that he’ll be doing something “extracurricular” with music at college. I only wish we had found you sooner and he been playing on the instrument at home all 4 years of high school. It really was such a treat. Thanks again,”
– Marsha (again)

“David Maslanka’s “My Lady White” just sounds HEAVENLY on this [Marimba One] keyboard!”
– Scotty

“We can’t say enough about Marimba Rental’s customer service. We needed a hard to find instrument for 2 weeks over the Christmas Holidays and scoured every resource we could find without any luck. Although Marimba Rental’s instruments were already rented out at that time, Eric offered to seek out an instrument on our behalf and found someone able to help us. He saved the day for us and we are so appreciative!”
– Todd and Marlene

“My son performed at a solo and ensemble competition that we hosted at our high school, and he earned “Best in Site” for his solo performance on the marimba with a perfect score of 40/40. He couldn’t have done it without the extra practice time at home!”
– Janet