Q: What locations do you serve?
A: We serve the 7-county Urban Area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota with free delivery. We do not ship our instruments, but we do offer for those outside our full-service region a self-pickup and return option. Contact us for more details.
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Q: What are your payment terms?
A: Minimum 3-month term required for all rentals with delivery and pickup service (within service area). Customers who pick-up and return an instrument themselves have the option for a 2-month minimum rental.

Term extensions beyond the minimum rental period are typically invoiced in 3-month increments, but can be customized in half-month increments at the customer’s request.
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Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Credit cards, bank transfers, and checks payable to “Marimba Rental” are currently accepted.
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Q: What if we want to move the instrument to another room after the delivery is made?
A: All of our marimbas have castors, so moving to another location on the same floor is easily done. For our 3.0 and 4.3 octave instruments, it is possible to move up or down stairs with two people. However, identifying a permanent location during your rental is desirable.
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Q: Do you offer rent-to-own options?
A: Our instrument fleet is for rental only. If you are interested in purchasing a marimba however, we are happy to offer advice on what type of instrument is the right choice for you.
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Q: Do you have vibraphones for rent?
A: Yes! We have vibraphones ideal for learning pedaling and dampening techniques. These instruments have the same note range as our 3.0 octave marimbas.
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Q: Do you rent mallets, too?
A: No.
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Q: What is the different between a 4.3 octave and a 4.3 octave wide-bar marimba?
A: The width of the bars for both instruments gradually get wider as notes go lower (bars are graduated). The wide-bar model has a greater graduation than the standard model and is consistent with that of the larger, 5-octave range instruments used by professionals. 4.3 marimba comparison chart:

Model Bar Material Bar Width Length
4.3 Padouk Wood 1.6″ to 2.3″ 72.8″
4.3 Wide-bar Padouk Wood 1 9/16″ to 2 5/8″ 81.5″
4.3 Professional Rosewood 1 9/16″ to 2 5/8″ 81.5″

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  1. is there any exceptions on doing a rent to own process on a practice marimba?

    1. Hello Sidney. Our instrument inventory is for rental only. If you have interest in owning a particular model marimba, we can offer our advice and what we know around finding the best deal. Please send us which instrument you are interested in and any questions you might have though our contact form at marimbarental.com/contact

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